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Hi Gardeners, it's me again, with the same plant, but this time it has started to bloom. Any help would be tremendously appreciated. Thank you!

Img_6807 Img_6811 Img_6805



It's an Orchid! I'll have to do a mort of research to figure out which one it is, though. "I shall return."

1 Aug, 2011


I recognised the foliage immediately as a wild orchid because i have them here but as to which one i'm afraid i'm no expert.
Have you googled them by now ?

1 Aug, 2011


I'm still working on it, but not having much luck. Anyone got any intuitions as to which genera to google?

2 Aug, 2011


Have a look at this link, it shows the various worldwide species ......

3 Aug, 2011


Well, it's definitely not a Bletilla--I've grown those--but I'll have to look at the rest of the site, and the other genera.

4 Aug, 2011

How do I say thanks?

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