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By Bizzie

Ireland Ie

Hi there. I have grown some potatoes for the first time. But, I have tomato like "fruit" on my maris pipers. Is this normal. I would appreciate some advice on this



Hi Bizzie, this is perfectly normal both potatoes and tomatoes are part of the Solanum family. In the case of tomatoes you eat teh fruits. with potatoes you eat the swollen tubers and do not eat the fruits as they are poisonous.

31 Jul, 2011


If you've got fruits it's probably time to dig up a root and see what they're like!

31 Jul, 2011


Not necessarily as Maris pipers are a main crop potato and need about 18 weeks from planting the seed potatoes to harvesting. We've got fruits on all our tatties and the main crop wont be ready for several weeks yet.

2 Aug, 2011

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