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I have an Acer in a huge pot with half sand half soil mix. My Acer seems to be getting smaller and looks quite sad. Is there anything I can do to revive it?



It is possible that the pot is too big. If the plant/tree is in a pot that is too big for its root system, that can cause root rot as the amount of oxygen is less as soil in pots tends to be more compacted than in the ground, amongst other things.

Sand will cause water to drain away quickly than plain compost. The Acer will need more water because of it. Acers do not like to dry out.

31 Jul, 2011


You need to repot your Acer in ericaceous soil with no sand and position it in semi shade and out of the wind.

31 Jul, 2011


Why the sand? Best follow Moon_grower's advice and repot with something better suited.

31 Jul, 2011

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