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We have bought a new house in the countryside and we need to plant hedging at our side of the fence. There are a number of rabbits in this area - do they eat Red Robin (Photina) and Ilex (Holly)?

The builders have planted a hedgerow at the other side of the fence.



Rabbits try anything but after a nibble of Holly or Photina they leave it alone.

29 Jul, 2011


It would be worth planting each small shrub, whip or sapling in its own rabbit guard. It's easy to make a cylinder of chicken wire for each one - flare out the base and bury under a bit of soil or dug out rocks to protect the plants til they're too big and tough for the rabbits to kill. Baby rabbits are really stupid and try to eat everything. By the time they've learned that something isn't great to eat the plant can be irretrievably damaged.

29 Jul, 2011

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