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Re-potted African Violet

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I just repotted Violet that has been in sad shape for quite awhile. I have a strong impulse on wanting to bag it, you know in a clear plastic bag as a greenhouse effect. To bag or not to bag that is the question. I used to do this years ago on starts of other things.



When you repotted Pollyannaever, how did the roots look? What is going on with your AV?
You could try bagging it up for a while and see if it perks up. Just make sure it doesn't have any mites first. And make sure the leaves aren't touching the bag as they rot quickly with an AV.
AVs don't like to be too wet. Make sure the soil is dry before watering and that they aren't standing in water. They like a bright light but not direct sun. Mine are either on my east facing window sill or growing under a florescent desk lamp that has a full spectrum bulb in it. Also, don't give them too much room in the pot as they will just produce leaves and few flowers.
I fertilize with each watering with Schulz African Violet food mixed as per instructions on the bottle. Occasionally I run plain water through the pot to wash out accumulated salts.

29 Jan, 2009


gilli, thanks. This is an av that my Bruce had. It was in the same pot it came in I think 6" anyway It's home is in the bathroom with lots of natural skylight but it hardly had any dirt in it and has just been that way for a long time. It gets watered when it is so dry it almost falls over. The roots look ok, they are white looking but short and no dirt left on them when I took it out of the pot so it made me a little concerned hoping I have'nt bothered it too much. So it really needs to take hold in the new dirt, its like setting the bare plant into the dirt. Kind of hard to explain I hope you get what I've said ok. Yes I do know about the light for them. I've never really messed with av's much so hopefully my common sense will work out with this. I thought after about the bagging it thing and was concerned about too much moisture for it realizing that they don't like their leaves damp etc.

30 Jan, 2009


I don't think they really mind the humidity on their leaves....more just drops of water sitting in them for a while. I've got several AV cuttings rooting in pots in plastic bags and their leaves seem to be fine. AV's also do well in terrariums and they are pretty humid.
If the AV has been in the same soil for a long time that could well have been part of the problem. Does the soil that you repotted with have good drainage? I usually add perlite to my potting soil for AVs to improve the drainage even if the soil is specifically "African Violet" soil. If it has good drainage I would make sure the soil is nicely damp but not soaking wet and then bag it. If its not taking up moisture through its roots properly then being in the bag will help it to absorb moisture through its leaves. If the soil you repotted with seems to be quite heavy and stays moist for a long period then I might look at changing it again to a lighter mix with better drainage.
AVs are pretty good at making roots when the conditions are right so I would think it will perk up.
I would also hold off with the fertilizer until it feels better.
Your other option is to take a leaf cutting. AVs are really easy to root. Just cut the stem at the base, trim to about 1" on an angle and dip in rooting powder (if you have any ~ if not don't worry about it), take a little pot with some nice, moist, light mix, make a hole in the mix, insert leaf stem just until the base of the leaf touches the soil, firm gently and put the pot in a ziplock bag. That's it.

30 Jan, 2009


Thank you so much Gilli. What great info. Yes I think it will perk up ok. It's brand new potting soil but it was frozen on the porch! I had to chip away at it to get enough and then let it warm up. I am watching to make sure it drains good. Thanks for the info. on rooting I didn't know they were easy to root. I will try it.


31 Jan, 2009


Hey, Pollyannaever.....I just did that with my frozen potting soil too......LOL.

31 Jan, 2009

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