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I am a complete newby to gardening and I planted some Livingstone Daisy seeds in a small plastic flower pot a few weeks ago. They are all sprouted now in a big mass! Does anyone know when I should repot them and how best to do so as they look very delicate?




Ideally you'd prick them out individually into their own pots, or cells in a multi-cell tray. As these are rather crowded I suggest you aim to get little clumps of seedlings out and grow them on to get a bit bigger before you put them in the garden.

Put compost in pots or trays, fill to the top and lightly press down. Now use your finger or a pencil to make a hole in the compost where you're going to put the seedlings.

Use a plant label or the handle of a teaspoon or similar implement to get a small clump of seedlings out. Pop it into the hole in the compost and firm the compost carefully round it.

Repeat til you've used up all your pots or all the seedlings. These will now need watering carefully, preferably by standing the pots in a tray of water for a while til the surface of the compost glistens.

Take them out of the water and place in a bright but not sunny place til they start growing again. Then you can gradually get them used to more light and higher temperatures.

When they are bigger you can plant them into containers or a sunny spot in the garden. They don't do well in shade.

You have started on this project rather late in the season so it will be a bit of a race to get them to flower before autumn comes, but give it a go! :-)

28 Jul, 2011


Thankyou so much Beattie!

Really helpful answer, I will definitely try this. I'm hoping to plant them in a sunny rockery.

I had looked all over the net and forums to find some advice on these seedlings to no avail so your response is most appreciated.


28 Jul, 2011


You're welcome GFPH - I hope they do well for you. (I've often been tempted to get pink hair :-) )

28 Jul, 2011


Ahh you definitley should, even if its just to see people's reactions! Very liberating.

P.S. My daisies are still growing, they survived the move even if it was a bit messy :)

1 Aug, 2011


Jolly good! Just give them a bit of TLC (some water, gradually move into more exposed/ light situation) & you'll be planting them out soon.

The pink hair thing could be a slight problem as I hate going to the hairdresser and cut my own hair. I guess I could try a spray-on colour, but I thought it would be messy... :-?

1 Aug, 2011


hi do the livingston daisies self seed for next year?

26 Jul, 2017

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