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Different flowers on one fuchsia plant


By Cestina

South Bohemia, Czech Republic Cz

One of my biggest fuchsias - several years old - has two quite different flowers. The plant used to be two shades of pink and there are still some stems of pink flowers but the bulk of the plant is now mauve and red.

I thought at first I might have put two plants in the pot but I have explored carefully and they are all growing from the same stem.

Can fuchsias revert like this? I have been growing them for about 20 years and have never met it before.



Yes, they can revert, that's obviously what's happened. One that reverts often is Fuchsia gracilis variegata, you often get plain green shoots with different colour flowers on that.

27 Jul, 2011


Thanks Bamboo. What a nuisance. It was the only one that I had of that type. I'm taking cuttings of the pink stems but presumably they could go too?

27 Jul, 2011


Reverted growth, if allowed to remain, eventually takes over everything, yes. You could just hack out all the reverted bits, just leaving the pink ones behind - might or might not work.

27 Jul, 2011


No I don't think I can do that - about 75% of the plant has has reverted and it's a nicely shaped big bush so I will just live with it and hope that the cuttings from the pink stems come true to the previous pink

27 Jul, 2011

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