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This year I have collected digitalis seedlings from my garden and potted them on.What to do now ....they are healthy and assuming that it is too late to see any growth this year do overwinter them in my potting shed or do I plant them out this year? Hope you are able to advise .
Thankyou David Firth.



personally I'd plant them out where you want them to flower next year. dont forget to water them well

27 Jul, 2011


They grow wild in the UK - they are are hardy, so no need to be kept in potting shed. As Seaburngirl has said, plant where you want them to flower next year.

27 Jul, 2011


Plant them out - they will continue growing for several months and flower next year. I don't know why you think they won't grow any more this year - they will!

27 Jul, 2011

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