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my plum tree planed in spring now has some blossom on it and lots of new shoots Is this normal thank you



I'm wondering what you mean by 'planed' in spring - do you mean you pruned it in spring? If so, that was not the time to prune, so I'd guess its taking its chance to flower a bit now. Perhaps it was short of water too, and that's why its now putting out new growth - because its been wet, and it can.

26 Jul, 2011


I think Pebble1 means "planted", Bamboo. Just one letter missing, but it makes all the difference.

I think it's another confused plant, some other spring-flowerers are having a bit of a go again now, cos of the crazy mixed-up weather we've had.

I'm sure it will sort itself out Pebble1, just make sure you keep it watered - at least a bucketful, applied slowly once a week, for a year or so should do it.

26 Jul, 2011


Funny how the mind works, I jumped to pruned and never even thought about planted!

26 Jul, 2011



26 Jul, 2011

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