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About this wonderful begonia metallica


By Lottis

Near Gothenburg,east coust, Sweden Se

Where in Uk can I buy this,I have try to Garden web,a firm in Uk but it was a old woman who not send to Sweden.??
How should I grow this wonderful begonia best I have tried this many times but now my freind not have hers left and I took death in the small plants in fall..Apologize my bad english

On plant Begonia metallica



Lottis, the best person to ask is Marksbegonias, a member of the site, who is an expert on Begonias. I am sure he will be able to help you. Good luck!

22 Mar, 2008


Thank you so much ,So kind at you answer me..I am new member today I registed me and already have answer back,So fun..But my english is not so good but hope all can understand me..Thanks,.Lottis

22 Mar, 2008


Hi Lottis, hope you enjoy this site and make many new friends.

22 Mar, 2008


Thanks,all members seems to be so kind..Thanks..Lottis

22 Mar, 2008


Hi Lottis! Your English makes perfect sense to me! Have you tried E-bay to get this plant?

23 Mar, 2008


Yes if you have luck some sell on ebay and some I have trade but it is a risk,you can't send with no certificate.I have bought from some firm and this is very good for I paid about 25 dollars to have the certificate and you know you have the safe..Lottis

23 Mar, 2008


To Marksbegonia alot of thanks for all tips,I have order from Dibleys metallica,You can order on the internet and we are in Eu no problems to order from other Eu countries..Thanks alot of good stuff

23 Mar, 2008


I told you he would help you - I am pleased that you have found what you wanted, Lottis.

23 Mar, 2008


Thanks Spritzhenry

23 Mar, 2008

How do I say thanks?

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