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Courgette Problem.
The leaves of my courgette plants are completely white,like a heavy frost. I have tried using an anti fungus remedy,after cutting off the older leaves,but the plants are not looking any better (after two days.)The earlier fruits were fine,although the fruits now forming are a bit distorted.
Can they recover ? What is wrong with them ? will this affect other things ?
They were started early in the cold greenhouse.
At the moment,in the greenhouse,it looks as if my melon plants might be going the same way,with a white film on the stems .
Can anyone help please ?



Do they look like they have had a white powder smeared on them? Or are they covered with white fuzz? What was the active ingredient in the fungicide you used?

23 Jul, 2011


Thank you Tugbrethil.
The white looks a bit fuzzy.I used Dithane,which says 80% mancozeb & zink & manganese are trace elements .( in powder form),which I added to water.

24 Jul, 2011


That sounds like downey mildew, and the Dithane should have worked on it. Did you follow label directions? Did you use a surfactant of some kind--to help the spray to stick?

24 Jul, 2011

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