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I noticed that one of my lupins has some spots on it. I have never noticed this before and the rest of my lupins are fine. I have beard of lupins being affected by Brown Spot which seems to be pretty lethal to them and would mean that I need to lift these lupins and not grow lupins in the same are for some time.

I am wondering if this is Brown Spot or if it is something else. We have had a fair amount of rain recently and don't know if this could be the cause. The plant is new this season.

Dscn1007 Dscn1008



I have had this before but the plant is now 6 yrs old and pefectly healthy. I suspect this is probably rain related

27 Jul, 2011


Thanks, Seaburngirl and apologies for the delay in responding.......for some reason, I don't get email notifications of posts to my subscribed threads.

The plant seems to be doing OK just now, It is producing some more flowers and further leaf growth which seems clean.

6 Aug, 2011

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