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We have a very boggy garden, it is on a slope and get a lot of water (actual puddles) in one corner, we have planted conifers and fruit bushes but all of them have died. Do you have any advice on what plants to have that like water? and we also would like something that would attract the birds. We live very near the sea as well so unsure of anything that does not like the north wind.
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You've got a great opportunity to create something beautiful there. Bog gardens can be very colourful and attractive areas. Here's a list to help you - you haven't said how big the area is, so I'll just say that the first one can get VERY big!

Gunnera manicata
Filipendula palmata & F. purpurea
Darmera peltata
Iris laevigata and Iris ensata
Rheum palmatum (another large plant)
Ligularia (various)
Lythrum salicaria
Mimulus cardinalis
Zantedeschia aethiopica 'Crowborough'
Lysichiton americanus (can also get large!)
Rodgersia podoplylla
Juncus effusis 'spiralis' - a reed that looks like a bad hair day!
Primula denticulata and P.japonica - several more as well.
Lobelia cardinalis

I hope you can find some inspiration in the list. There are lots more - have a look at your Garden Centre, Ours has a section for waterside and bog plants.

24 Jan, 2009


If you want to harvest something from your boggy area, Maize and Blueberries like their feet in water.

25 Jan, 2009


Hmm, it DOES sound like my garden!
I will be making note of this list!

25 Jan, 2009


sounds like my garden too ! i believe Eucalypthus Nicholi likes being in wet ground, but not sure of the height of it.

28 Jan, 2009

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