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I have l3 pittosporum tenufolium which have thrive for about 2 years. Now, leaves are dropping, turning brown and I am afraid I am losing them. I know they do not need a lot of water, but I was using a drip system and am afraid the water did not get to the roots. Help.



First, I would run out with a hose, and giveeach of them a 3-4 hour slow soak with a hose, and top that off with a few gallons of Superthrive solution, one capfull per gallon. About what part of the country are you in, Joyce? Long term care instructions will depend on what your climate is like.

23 Jul, 2011


Totally agree about the watering, they sound like they're crying out for it.

I have umpteen of those plants here and they do indeed drop their leaves, in abundance, if they're suffering from drought.
Making sure they're always well soaked makes all the difference to this plant.

23 Jul, 2011

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