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.Windbreak ideas please


By Judithj

Scottish Borders, United Kingdom Gb

Have decided I need a sturdy windbreak around the veg. plot - or at least that is my excuse as to why I don't seem to get good yields. Any ideas as to the best sort - would prefer it not to be natural hedging as space is tight - will have to be some form of fencing for example. Any ideas?



I have used sturdy Trellis pannels in my garden as wind break, and also to create rooms. i have a long thin garden and the wind used to rustle up and down like a hurricane, and i hated the fact that you could see the whole garden all at once. so i have found that trellis is a very good option, as it does'nt completely block the light, you can also plant some nice climbers to grow up giving extra intrest, and don't have to cement it in quite as deep as you would fence pannels as although it will break the wind, it does allow some through so less pressure on the pannel it's self. i have found it very effective at protecting my Acers, that where getting badly wind burned before. i have some pictures (well quite a few in my garden pages) if you don't fancy wading through all of that (would'nt blame you lol) my latest blog has pictures of them. hope this helps Judith.

23 Jan, 2009


You could use nettalon on canes or thin posts.
If you have a Wickes near you try there.

23 Jan, 2009


How about Jerusalem artichokes - then you can eat your windbreak as well.(and get more wind) Perhaps it would take up too much room?

23 Jan, 2009


Willow hurdles would do the job, and they're quite attractive I think.

23 Jan, 2009


We have Netlon type stuff (not sure what it is called) but it does work. This is Supported by fence posts and kept stiff with wire.
If you live anywhere near Trawden in Lancashire then check out LBS Plasrics.
or here maybe

23 Jan, 2009

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