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tarragon plant yellow leaf tips
live in devon



too much water?

22 Jul, 2011


Or too little, if it's in a container. Maybe nutrient deficiencies in that case, too, especially magnesium or potash. Possibly also sodium damage, if it's near the sea--we get a lot of that in our salty soil, here.

22 Jul, 2011


In my experience it is easier to overwater tarragon than underwater it. Devon is a very wet area so if it is outside...

22 Jul, 2011 needs almost as much water as mint, in my experience, but that may just be our low humidity, here.

22 Jul, 2011


Mint in our climate has to be kept within a container or it gallops for miles!

22 Jul, 2011


Same here, but it usually stops when it gets to the neighbor's gravel yard. : )

22 Jul, 2011



22 Jul, 2011

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