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We bought 2 (palm trees ?) (or were they Coralies ?)last autumn from a friend of a friend, and planted them in our north facing front garden. They have never looked like they were surviving from being moved, and eventually all the leaves fell off, during the dreadfull winter we had. The leaces are singular and not from a main spine. We have left them alone, hoping they might recover during this summer, but it looks hopeless, there is a dried up sort of stump at the top where the leaves would have sprouted from. I have read that one can cut the top 2 feet off and replant ?? and the remainder might then re-sprout ?? I really want to save these trees, I hate giving up on them.



Do you mean CORDYLINE? They need sun or at best part shade and may not be frost hardy.

21 Jul, 2011


Sounds like a Cordyline, and they can take some shade, but don't like very dark spots. This last winter could easily have killed them, particularly if they were suffering already from a bad move. I would cut them down to near ground level, give them a light feed with growmore, or suchlike, and give them another month to sprout from the base, if they are willing.

22 Jul, 2011

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