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I have my first castor bean plant and would like to know if I will be able to cultivate seeds from it to plant for next year. Any assistance would be very much appreciated as it is virtually impossible to buy them here.




I'm sorry that's not a very helpful answer but it's based on my experience. Sometimes I've grown Ricinus communis from last year's seeds and sometimes they've failed completely.

21 Jul, 2011


You'll need a long enough and warm enough season to let them bloom and set seed. You might be able to encourage this by putting up a framework on the north side of the plant and covering it with white canvas and foil, to reflect extra sun onto the plant. Plastic jugs full of water with dark food coloring around the base will also extend the season.

22 Jul, 2011


This seems a strange place to buy seeds, but my daughter

bought a bunch of different seeds of castor beans on Ebay.

I planted about two or three for two season now and they have all come up and grown to be five feet tall with a Semi sunny spot. I did not try to collect the seeds, but wouldn't ebay send to Ontario. Is there a rule about canada and the US over seeds? Wells...If you are interested I could ask her how she found them. Wells

14 Nov, 2011


Thanks Wells. I believe that there are in fact regulations with seeds and plants crossing the border. I think I'll be ok as I harvested some seeds a few weeks ago from a nursery bought castor plant. Hopefully they will prove to be successful!

14 Nov, 2011

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