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By Frinton

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I usually top up my home made compost with a commercial compost consisting of spent mushroom compost and manure and use it as a mulch. However i have heard that manure may now be contaminated with a strong weedkiller. /what do you advise



Never heard of manure and weedkiller being mixed Frinton. I think it would defeat the object of the exercise. I would be more worried using mushroom compost which is strongly alkaline. A lot of plants don't like very alkaline conditions and changing the Ph of your soil unless you know what you are doing is a risky business.


22 Jan, 2009


John - there has been a warning out to check where any manure came from - it's true, I'm afraid. I believe it originates from chemicals on grass, but don't quote me.

22 Jan, 2009


Hi Frinton - it certainly is true that manure may be contaminated, I'm afraid; there's some further info on the BBC GQT site -

23 Jan, 2009


Try going to i think you will find the advice helpful

27 Jan, 2009

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