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Hello, can you tell me if this plant is a weed,it is growing in the bog area and is about 4/5ft tall.

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Have you a photo of the leaves?

21 Jul, 2011


Preferably with the photos in the right orientation please

21 Jul, 2011


You asked about this plant the other day, Harrypotter. A look at the leaves would be helpful, but I still think that it is figwort. Whether you regard it as a weed or a wild flower is down to you - it's all a matter of opinion.

It's not a plant you'll find on sale at your local garden centre, but it isn't horribly invasive or difficult to get rid of if you've got enough of it, so it's not a problem plant.

Keep it or dig it up - it's up to you. I had it in my last garden which was a very large semi-wild woodland. It would be OK to leave it in your bog garden if that's what you decide to do.

21 Jul, 2011

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