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three weeks ago ,i planted bizzy lizzies in my borders all around my garden,they where in flower when i planted them ,,,,,,but lowe and behold ,,,,,,,every single one of them is now dead,,,,,,is there any reason for this



Drought's a possible, they like dampish soil - I know its wet now, but it was pretty dry for 10 days before, even the new roses in the garden were drooping, so did you keep them sufficiently watered?

20 Jul, 2011


And we've had unseasonally cold weather - it's been pretty nippy at night as well.

20 Jul, 2011


yes but my next door neibours bizzy lizzies are in full bloom ,,,,and we both water them at the same time each evening ,,,,,,,,,,this is the first year i have ever had any problems

21 Jul, 2011


Well, you're not alone - there seems to be some problem with busy lizzies, starting last year - rumour has it its a virus, but I don't know whether that's true or not.

22 Jul, 2011

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