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What to do with my infested Shamrock Plant?

Skagit/Washington State, United States Us

Help! After moving my beautiful long long time Shamrock Plant from my apartment to my new home it got infested with aphids. Never before! I sprayed with some kind of powder Diatom..somthing) cut it down treated the soil with the powder also used soap solution. It started growing back and thought it was ok, its got em again! Do I have to throw the plant away?? I have not had an aphid problem with my plants in years & years!



hi Gloria,
i got an old fashioned gardening book for christmas and one of the things in it is how to deal with Aphids. it says put some rolling tobacco in water and then spray onto the plant.
havent tried it myself but maybe someone on here has

21 Jan, 2009


Yes Nicotine is toxic to insects, but dont use on anything related to tomato plants,

21 Jan, 2009


The things one learns - I'd heard of nicotine-based sprays but never thought of using tobacco! As a 'roller' I shall give this a try this year.

21 Jan, 2009

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