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Can we plant pepper seeds at this time of year? My little boy has pulled some out of a pepper and is desperate to plant them. How long do I dry them out for? Thanks



Sorry but it is the wrong time to be sowing the seed, in addition it wont be ripe so has even lass chance of growing. Why not buy a pack of salad leaves seeds or something similar that will grow now.

19 Jul, 2011


First the pepper has to be ripe--ie. red, gold, or orange, according to the variety. The seed won't be ready in a green or purple pepper. If the seeds are mature, they will sprout now, but you may have to treat the seedlings as houseplants on a sunny windowsill to have a hope of getting more peppers. Otherwise, wash them well, blot the excess water off, let them air dry for a day or two, and seal them up in a zipper bag with an envelope of powdered milk tokeep them dry. Then you can start them late next winter, to plant out in spring.

22 Jul, 2011

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