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I will be buying a Wistera soon but not sure which one to buy. I would like a plant thats fast growing, but i'm able to keep under control. Also like a dark purple flower ?

Thanks Tuesday



Which ever Wisteria you buy make sure its a grafted one, I have had mine now for 13 years not a flower in sight neither are some other goyer had flowers.

19 Jul, 2011


I did not realize it had to be grafted to flower.
Thanks for that.

21 Jul, 2011


Your welcome it needs pruning too twice a year in order for it to flower so I have been informed by professional gardeners on this site.

21 Jul, 2011


Not to sure what grafted means but i will ask the nursery, i'm fairly new so hopefully will become a quick learner.

My friend has a beautifull Blue Wistera growing arround all his garden with flowers to die for, i've been told to help myself to as many new cuttings as i can carry, but guess these are not grafted ?

Thanks Sixpence

22 Jul, 2011


Grafted is where one plant is put onto another plant so there should be a graft down on the main stem somewhere which is what you look for

22 Jul, 2011


Wisteria grown from seedlings can take 20 years or more to flower, so the ones that are a scion from a mature plant grafted on a seedling rootstock are preferred, since they usually bloom much faster--around 3-5 years from the graft. I have neverseen a dark purple Wisteria. Usually the closest is a medium deep lavender.

22 Jul, 2011


I was not aware it could take 3-5 years to flower.

I'm still going to buy one and see how it goes.

Sorry Tugbrethil i did mean deep lavender.

Watch this space in 5 years time ha ha

Thank you both

23 Jul, 2011


I ve been advised to buy while in flower then you know it does flower good luck with you purchase

23 Jul, 2011

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