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I read that Caenothus is a drought tolerant plant. Is it also cold tolerant? What is the cold limit it can survive?



Hi Staral - I find that Ceanothus are pretty drought-tolerant on the whole, but sadly, there are many cultivars that are only frost-hardy: ie. will cope with temperatures down to -5 degrees. There are also some hardy ones which will handle -15 degrees.

Do you have a specific named one in mind? I would be happy to look it up for you.

20 Jan, 2009


Hi there! actually I am looking foor draught-tolerant plants that can be grown in Ankara where it gets quite cold in winter; as low as -10 even.. I have got a whole list of such plants from an encylopedia of the Roayl Horticultural Society. Now, I am looking after those that can grow in Ankara.. There are so many species of Caenothus! I think I can ask the local nursiries the right species. If you know any draught and cold tolerant plants please let me know.. I am helping a friend with the landscape of their newly built house..
Thanks! Sel├žuk

20 Jan, 2009


As well as temperature, you need to consider your winter rainfall and soil conditions. Some plants will tolerate the cold but don't like lots of rain or sitting in waterlogged soil. Dry(ish) winters and well-drained soils might just tip the balance in favour of a borderline plant.
My encyclopaedia of plants suggests the following are the hardiest:
'Autumnal Blue'
'Gloire de Versailles'
Hope this helps

20 Jan, 2009


Andrewr is absolutely right. Their ultimate survival, even without the cold, will depend upon the amount of drainage you can provide. Mature woody plants should pull through this cold snap but may suffer some 'burnt' leaves. IMPERATIVE that you don't prune ceonothus like you do other plants otherwise you can easily kill the healthiest specimen. Just for the record, mine survived -10C but they were under giant bamboo! Location IS everything.

21 Jan, 2009


The small leaved ones are hardier. Try 'Puget Blue'.

21 Jan, 2009

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