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Hello, All! Haven't been on GoY for a long time - too much to actually *do* ! Nice to see so many of the 'old names' still posting. If this has been asked before, apologies - point me in the right direction.
Are we suffering a severe lack of pollinators this year? Tomatoes, beans, and other things all seem to be flowering but not a lot else happening. Haven't noticed the usual swarms of bees, etc, around the buddleja either, although possibly more butterflies. Your thoughts, as always, will be appreciated.



Yes we are suffering a lack of pollinators this year. I have hardly seen any bees pollination is being done by wasps and hover flies in our garden.

19 Jul, 2011


Thanks, Mg - Good to know it's probably not something I've done!

19 Jul, 2011


Something we've all done with our overuse of insecticides

19 Jul, 2011


Oh boy, how right you are, Moongrower, though I suspect its pollution in general as well. I have though, noticed an increase in bees downstairs in the bit of garden I've planted - when the Buddleia opened, the thing was abuzz with bees and hover flies of various types. But compared to ten years ago here, when the comfrey was alive with bees in spring, very few present now.

19 Jul, 2011


I am seriously considering finding a local bee keeping club and asking them if they want to put a hive at the bottom end of the veggie garden, but I guess I would have to talk to the landowner first.

19 Jul, 2011

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