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By Funguy

Berkshire, United Kingdom Gb

Generally, is 'acanthus mollis' considered a weed?



Not by me! I've bought them several times (cheaply, I'll admit) but have yet to get it established happily. It just fails to thrive, wherever I put it - and I've never had a self-seeder.

18 Jul, 2011


Ah! I can see why.

It is in my friends garden. And it is thriving in a shady area near the canopy of an old apple tree in quiet heavy, fertile soil no doubt aided by years of uncollected apples.

I think it is a lovely plant but is has spread over an area of her garden, i wasn't sure if it was planted at some point. I'm think it must have been.

If you want me to send you one, let me know...

18 Jul, 2011


That's nice of you, Funguy, but the postage... I've bought quite a few this year, cheap, from Lidl. And a friend has some put by for me out of her garden.

I have always planted them in shade, but just can't get them to make any progress - they just sit and sulk.

18 Jul, 2011


do you want me to send you seed if I get any this year. I have found they resent root disturbance, but once established any bit of root left in will sprout.

19 Jul, 2011


Thank you SBG - that would be kind, and not over expensive. Would you like me to pm you my address now or do you want to wait & see if you get any seed first? Then I could throw the seed around and hope it takes this time.

19 Jul, 2011


pm me now if you like Beattie. dont worry about the ostage it wont be much:o)

19 Jul, 2011


Its a bit of a thug in my garden. It didn't flower where it was so I have tried to move it, but the smallest bit of root left behind grows again, as Seaburngirl says. A weed is only a plant in the wrong place, so yes, in my front garden it is a weed. I will put a bit under the hedge at the back and see what happens - it might turn into a well behaved garden plant there! Hope so as the leaves are beautiful

19 Jul, 2011

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