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My bourgainvillae happily flowered across the winter in my hot porch. In the late Spring I took it outside into direct sunlight and all the flowers fell off! It is happily growing but only the leaves. Any tips please? See photo attached.




Bouganvillea is, obviously, a houseplant over here, though it can be stood outside during warmer months. I use the term warmer loosely of course, since it really isn't that warm. Normally, watering is reduced in winter to keep the plant alive during its dormant period - clearly, yours did all its flowering and growing during the winter, probably believing it was summer in your hot porch. When you put it outside, it would have been a shock to its system, which is why the leaves suffered. Now that's its growing again, it's probably getting ready to reflower in your porch over winter, since its got its seasons upside down. If the weather was currently hot and continued that way, it might have started flowering, but as its so cool, its unlikely.

22 Jul, 2011


That species of Bougainvillea (B. glabra) prefers to bloom when the days are short, but it should still be getting some flowers. How much sun does it actually get there, Bstephens? I notice that it is in the shade when you took the picture.

23 Jul, 2011

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