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Carmarthenshire, United Kingdom Gb

whats the best thing to kill deep rooted weeds



What are the weeds, Mogs? It would also be helpful to know whether the weeds are near/amongst other plants, or whether you're trying to deal with a whole area of them.

I could say - 'use a systemic weedkiller on them', but I'd rather have the answers to my queries first!

18 Jul, 2011


I think they call this weed horse tail im just starting to do my garden after many years of neglect so iv'e not much clue at the moment just starting to gather info

18 Jul, 2011


Sorry to say that's one of the worst weeds to deal with. :-((( Copy and paste this advice from the RHS - I hope it helps you to get rid of it. Good luck!

18 Jul, 2011


The advice given on that link about using roundup simply won't work. I applied roundup every week for 14 weeks last year to an area of gravel infested with horsetail. It didn't work... it hardly even slows the plant down.

I have had success with some stuff called Kibosh. This definitely kills top growth and with two or three applications should kill it completely

It is unfortunately very very expensive(well over £30 for half a litre including postage) although once diluted works out about the same per litre as the diluted weed killers you buy in one litre spray bottles in DIY sheds.

I cannot guarantee 100% success but on open gravel it has virtually eliminated a very bad infestation with two applications.

more on this here

18 Jul, 2011


I know that people bruise this weed by various means to allow the weedkiller to penetrate past the waxy coating. I hope Anchorman's weedkiller helps you, Mogs.

19 Jul, 2011


I've tried the bruising method does help a bit but you'd need the patience of a saint to keep it up for long enough to eradicate the stuff.

I won't take on gardens that have horsetail unless it is only in a gravel area because it is such a pain to eradicate if it is amongst other plants. Virtually impossible in fact unless all the other plants are removed.

It is possible to apply weed killer to the stems using a small brush or sponge but I simply haven't got the patience or back for it any more.

An infestation I have at the bottom of my garden is now largely under control because I removed all other plants and treated the horsetail 3 times before replanting.

Problem is, it is still coming back from next doors garden


19 Jul, 2011


Thanks for the replies, it looks like iv'e got a real job on my hands. I will try all the options and keep you posted but if it all fails it may be time for a call to Readymix

20 Jul, 2011


You could be right, Mogs - but bear in mind that it would have to be a VERY thick layer of concrete!

20 Jul, 2011


and reinforced!


20 Jul, 2011



20 Jul, 2011

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