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Plant ID
Hi all, does anyone know what this is...? Cheap bulbs from LIDL, bought in Spring as Autumn flowering...label lost....

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Its Liatris. Cant give you any more information I'm afraid, but I have one that is looking just like that. It makes a clump and I have had mine a few years now.

17 Jul, 2011


Cinderella's right, it's Liatris spicata. I also bought lots at a bargain price from Lidl last year. It likes sun, otherwise not fussy.

17 Jul, 2011


It grows up to 4' high and about the same wide, it prefers full sun and likes fairly poor soil.
It'll die down in winter and like any perennial will start to regrow in the spring.
I have several clumps here and love them !!!

17 Jul, 2011


Thank you all!...I remembered that it began with 'L'...I too love it...and I don't mind how much it clumps!...loads of bulbs in the it in pots and in the ground....:)))))))

17 Jul, 2011


Hi karen Liatris are also great as cut flowers

29 Aug, 2011


Thank you Poppylover and Hi! It's finished now, but I will bear that in mind for next year! :)

29 Aug, 2011

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