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I have had a Campsis Radicans Flava growing in a 10" pot for 3 years and it has never bloomed. Fed with sulphate of potash in spring and fed with balanced fertiliser during the spring and summer. Is growing against a s.w.facing wall and about 8 ft. tall. Any suggestions why it hasn't bloomed? Would it be better planted in the ground?



Hi, this is a rampant climber that can easily reach 30-40ft, it really needs to be planted in the ground, and feed it in early spring before growth begins, it prefers full sun so should be in the right position facing south westerly,{unless it,s shaded by something}, it will need regular pruning to keep it in check, I think it has been restricted by being grown in a pot, and will undoubtedly do better in the ground. regards derekm.

17 Jul, 2011


If you have to keep it in a pot, transfer it to a pot at least 20 inches wide and deep, to give it enough soil to work with. Frequent wilting, as is likely in a 10 inch pot, will kill the flower buds before they open. I would also feed it regularly, with a high potash fertilizer. Frequent pruning of the stem tips will also prevent bloom, since that is where the buds form.

17 Jul, 2011

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