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I pruned my rose to harsh and now there are no new buds help :(


By Jinsoku

United Kingdom Gb

Hey guys how you doing, My question is that i pruned my rose to a 3rd of its original height and i was expecting new buds to form at the moment there are NONE the rose is 30 years old and very healthy.

Is there anything i can do to get new buds on it before spring ends.



If you have cut back to dormant buds, wait and see.
Watch out for suckers from the roots.

18 Jan, 2009


Have patience Jinsoku. You will be amazed at where the new shoots will come from. On older canes it is sometimes hard to tell where the dormant buds are. If you didn't prune right to the ground I'm sure that it will be just fine. It's very hard to kill a rose by pruning.

18 Jan, 2009


thank you so much guys for your answears they have been very informative

18 Jan, 2009


I pruned an old shrub rose in the Autumn far too harshly but it did eventually rebud even though it took 4 months. Be patient I am sure it will be okay

18 Jan, 2009


If you have left a third of the height on it should be fine, it may just be slower to sprout. It's best if it doesn't sprout too soon as the frost could kill the new shoots. New buds will take time to come from thick old stems but they will come. Well done for being so brave, more people should hard prune roses. In future, take out a third of the number of branches and prune back the others lightly, this keeps new wood being produced and keeps the plant young. Roses should live for many years.

19 Jan, 2009


Thank you so much everyone. This has really helped me out and helped lift a burden off me. If you have any questions i will try my best to answer them :D

20 Jan, 2009

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