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can sweetpeas be moved once grown, as i think i have put my everlasting sweetpeas in the wrong place in the garden, this is my first time growing sweetpeas. Or can i untie them.



Whew! It's difficult in the extreme to move sweet peas successfully, even apart from the near impossibility of separating them from their chosen trellises. You may have to put this down to experience, and wait for next year. Believe me, there is no shame in this--or so I hope! I have had to learn so many things the hard way. We'll try to help you when we can, though!

17 Jul, 2011


There is every chance that you will lose them if you move them. If at all possible leave them for this year and just learn from your mistake. Every gardener has done something like this and then simply learned from it for the future.

17 Jul, 2011


Don't try to move them now, but you could try moving some of them in the autumn when they have died back. Leave some behind just in case!

17 Jul, 2011


I must have been tired last night, because there I missed that important little word "everlasting". They don't like being moved, either, but they at least have a chance while they are dormant.

17 Jul, 2011

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