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chamomile lawn on clay?


By Resi

France Fr

Chamomile lawn on clay?
has anybody got experience with Anthemis Nobilis, to grow as a chamomile lawn/groundcover on a very hot and dry clay soil? (i can mix in fine grit or sand)
probably not a very bright idea but just maybe someone has done it???

On plant Anthemis



As no one has answered you I found this on line -This is what the growers say It grows best in light, well drained, neutral, or slightly acid soil, which is at least 10cm (4”) deep. It does well in clay soils, provided that the drainage and aeration are improved by adding sharp sand or grit and some organic matter. A fairly fertile soil is needed – though too much fertilizer may make the camomile shoots grow too long to root easily but, on the other hand, too little can stunt growth. Sieved soil or compost placed carefully around the plants in spring or autumn will help to cover any shoots that have not yet rooted.
Hope this helps you.

17 Jul, 2011


Thanks so much Drc, great stuff.
i was convinced it was very much not a clay plant, where did that come from??
i have nearly finished my new rose bed and as i hate bare soil i thought i would fill the spaces in between the plants and the boulders i dug in, with chamomile.
i will put it in a blog soon with some photos

17 Jul, 2011


I got that from Morehaven Camomile Lawns Resi.
But I just saw this on the RHS site - Light soils are recommended (such as sandy loam), but avoid very dry, stony conditions, as a degree of moisture is necessary. Heavy clay is definitely unsuitable, being by turns too wet in winter and baked dry all summer.
So it sounds as if you would have to add an awful lot for it to grow properly?
One thought I have had is Phlox subulata ground cover have a look at this? phlox subulata emerald cushion blue is great in hot dry sun and makes a wonderful show when it flowers.

17 Jul, 2011


i just had a look at your Phlox blog Drc and think that might well work and is just the sort of covering i am looking for, also evergreen and even the blue would go very well with the pale colours of the bed and around the stones
great thanks very much.

17 Jul, 2011


Glad to help, I have lots of them for covering and love them.

17 Jul, 2011


love your phloxes, very inspirational photos

17 Jul, 2011


Thank-you Resi.

17 Jul, 2011

How do I say thanks?

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