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We bought an olive tree to grow in our garden a few years ago. It was quite successful until last winters frost which had appeared to kill it. However, despite the tree having died from the roots up, a great number of shoots have sprung up from around the base of the old trunk. I have removed the dead wood leaving a stump and all the shoots and transplanted the tree to a large pot which means we can protect it from future winters frosts by moving it into the greenhouse. However, in order to get something which resembles a 'tree' to grow again what should I do with the plethora of shoots? Do I need to remove all but one shoot? I fear if I do this I will be stressing the plant even further and it may die completely. Any advice very much appreciated.



You have no choice but to select a good strong central stem if you want to make a tree rather than a bush, and be ruthless with any and all other shoots which pop up. Often though, if you leave it to grow under its own steam as a bush, it will eventually form a trunk, but it'll take years.

16 Jul, 2011


Thanks very much, olive has now been pruned. Fingers crossed.

17 Jul, 2011

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