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hi my name is julie and moved into our home four years ago the garden was an overgrown field but over the last four years we have landsca ped it which was very hard work but we have enjoyed doing it the area of land is approx three quarters of acre and there is a large amount which is lawn the lawn itself has different grasses in it with being a field before.the weeds in the grass are unbelievable and i have removed a lot by hand please can you give me some advice on how to surpress the weeds and improve it in general for the cheapest way possible as it is a large area thanks



The cheapest possible solution is regular cutting - that polishes off most weeds, leaving behind the flat growing ones like clover, dandelion, daisy, etc. If you have large patches of those, dig them out and reseed, otherwise, its using Lawn Weed and Feed twice a year, and in a large area, a spreader would make it easier.

15 Jul, 2011


Welcome to GOY Julie. Mowing every 5-7 days is the cheapest and the best way if you dont want to use chemicals which would be expensive for a large area. Regular mowing also thickens up the grass at it encourages it to grow side ways. Best not to use the cuttings for compost either as they may be full of weed seeds.

15 Jul, 2011


Frequent mowing, and regular--but not necessarily frequent--feeding will give the lawn grass a competitive advantage over the weeds. Applying a weed free compost once or twice a year, so that the soil continually improves, will also help.

17 Jul, 2011

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