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By Janpled

Hertfordshire, United Kingdom

Can I add used cat litter to my compost heap having removed all solids first?



No - it isn't a wise move as there may still be eggs from the toxocara parasite in there. Definitely not recommended!

17 Jan, 2009


Also a lot of cat litters are treated so they soak up moisture and this dries up your soil.

17 Jan, 2009


Good answers above..I am a cat breeder...not a good idea to put used cat litter in your compost heap...unless you want all the neighbourhood cats using your compost heap as a litter tray. We may not be able to smell the amonia after a while but a cat can. pee kills plants more than dog pee so not a good idea. I have a litter disposal 'situation'. My solution is to remove solids ASAP with toilet tissue and flush down the toilet then spread the litter over soil in a specially chosen place in the garden where there is a lot of sunlight...the odour will almost disappear...and you can re-use the litter or, since the smell disappears, almost, you can just leave the litter there. Some litters look like little white pebbles so seems like a garden feature...maybe around a garden ornament or as a standing place for pots etc...decorate it with stones, mix it in with other small ornamental gravel..plenty of ways to dispose of it and re-use it.

18 Jan, 2009


We have 3 cts and only the baby one uses a tray occasionally. I would n't use cat litter in the garden because of the potential bacteria in there also, I fell it would be an invitation for our cts, and others to use our garden as a WC! We dispose of the cat litter in the household waste as recommended on the packet, I wouldn't put it in the compost heap as compost works better if it's clean and healthy.

18 Jan, 2009


All of the above plus most cat litters are kaolin or similar based. That is a mineral so wouldn't break down and would alter the chemical composition of your soil.


18 Jan, 2009

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