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What makes our jade tree flower.

yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

This jade tree has flowered for about the last 8years we have given cuttings to our friends and thiers does not flower.It is about 20 years old and is a very small pot with a double trunk of about 10cm diameter.




As the Jade is very slow growing the cuttings may not flower for several years.
They also need a sunny position.

17 Jan, 2009


May I just say how lovely that is - you must be very proud of it!

17 Jan, 2009


it is very nice but I'm not sure I have that much patience

17 Jan, 2009


It is more than likely root bound is why it you feed it? must or it would need to be in a bigger pot to survive so well..When you give away a is not root bound and therefore does not bloom for them..I have never in my life seen one bloom like is beautiful...

18 Jan, 2009


That is an absolutely beautiful Jade tree. Congratulations. Welcome to GOY!! :o)

18 Jan, 2009


Yours is one of the best I have seen. Mine only flower when really hard done by. Just surviving with little water and pot bound. You could pass on a cutting when you see a bud developing on it.

18 Jan, 2009

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