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Can anyone tell me what this bug living on my potted Christmas tree is please?

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It looks like an Aphid, the closest match I found was the giant willow aphid? The ants are tiny next to them. Its all over a small pine tree (don't know variety). They're even surviving the winter so far. This picture was taken in July. By the way, they're not vine weevil.




they do look very much like aphid to me, black fly do vary in size, i noticed this on an infestation on my moc orange this year, some really big ones like this, but i have never seen them on a Christmas tree before, but i gues that does'nt mean that they don't like Christmas trees, i only have one very small one (Christmas tree) that is. hope this helps

16 Jan, 2009


probably the common Black Bean aphid, and can infect a wide variety of plants including trees and shrubs - plus conifers!

16 Jan, 2009


I wonder if it is the Lupin Aphid, which is one of the biggest and an America Import , perhaps widening its range. I've never known A Christmas tree being attacked.

16 Jan, 2009


Christmas trees (Picea or Abies) can and do suffer with occasional problems with aphids, more so on spruce.

16 Jan, 2009


Why haven't these horrible creatures been killed off in the frost? I know you took their photo in July, but if they are still on the tree, they are hardy little horrors, aren't they.

16 Jan, 2009

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