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By Sandz

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My sister has this plant, which looks like a large bonsai tree. It is really pretty in summer with lots of foilage although iin winter its just the entwined twisted bracnhes, but I still like it that way too. Can anyone please help and tell me if they know the name of the tree/plant.

Picture_001 Picture_002 Picture_003



Erm, not sure, but it looks great - I can imagine it without it's leaves - all curly and narly.

13 Jul, 2011


It actually looks like TWO plants - I can see different types of leaves in the photos?

14 Jul, 2011


It's Corylus avellana 'controrta'. The round leaves belong to the tree. It is deciduous and grows quite slowly. They are supposed to look narled and weather beaten. About £30-50 in a GC.

The other leaves are some sort of climbing plant

14 Jul, 2011


I wonder if the other leaves belong to one of the wild vetch family - do they ever produce purple or yellow flowers?

14 Jul, 2011


Thank you to those of you who replied to my question.

However, the 'Corylus avellana 'controrta', after looking it up on the site, appears to be able to grow up to 15 mtrs high. My sisters plant does not grow at all each year, it stays the same shape and size and apart from shedding its leaves, there is no change in the plant every year.

Could it be a different plant then ?


14 Jul, 2011


It looks like Robinia 'Twisty Baby', to me.

15 Jul, 2011


Thats it Robinia Twisty Baby - as the leaves are the same. Thanks so much. Off to the garden centre now to buy one :)

15 Jul, 2011

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