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The hedge I have has bottle green small leaves all year round, just wondered if its possible to take large cuttings off it to put in my back garden???

Thanks everyone for your replies..



It sounds like a Boxwood (Buxus sempervirens). Unfortunately, my limited experience propagating Boxwoods is confined to the Japanese Boxwood (B. microphylla), and to smaller cuttings--usually 3 joint semihardwood cuttings in early spring.

12 Jul, 2011


You've got nothing to lose in giving it a try now. I wouldn't take especially large cuttings though - just normal size and let them grow once they've developed roots (if they take, that is)

If you were to take off a good big branch and stick it in the ground or a pot, there would just be lots of leaves to support and no roots to do the job, so it's not likely to be successful.

Pull off some pieces about 4" - 6" long and put them round the sides of a pot of compost. Put in a sheltered shady place out of doors and hope for the best.

13 Jul, 2011

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