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By Harli

Washington, United States Us

I have to buy something to weed with and since my stroke my right side is weak and I can't get on my knees as they are both titanium (I set off alarms at the airport). Before I invest in tools I would like some ideas of what is really helpful and not just expensive. I saw this and thought it might work for me, what do you think.




I feel for you! But that pictured tool is a con. Full of 'marketing puff'. I mean gardening in white - I ask you!
If you could get down, the best tool is a small strong fork that does not bend or pull apart as you use it. But since you can't get on your knees the best thing you can do is prevent the weeds by mulching heavily. I use it by the 'cart load' and it works, but you have to put it down deep. With mulch, even if you get the nasties growing on top, like buttercups, they are above the soil surface and one pull brings several plants from their 'train' (you know what I mean).

Or get someone to raise your borders! I've just raised a lot of my vegetable borders over the last winter for the wife's benefit. She of course, would say she's growing the veggies for my benefit! LOL

18 Mar, 2008

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