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I wish to plant a Plassiflora in my conservatory. What time of year is best? Size of plant? Shade or sun? Type of soil? When will it flower? I look forward to your advice.



They like warmth; part to full sun; regular, moderate water; slightly alkaline to slightly acid soil with good drainage; and regular feeding with a high nitrogen, low phosphate, and moderate potash fertilizer--the new formula of Miracle-Grow is ideal. Some species are frost tender tropicals, and others are invasive herbaceous perennial vines. I would start small, since they grow so fast, and have the trellis ready before planting. Blooming times vary some, but most bloom late spring through early fall, as long as they don't get frost, then.

12 Jul, 2011


Some require more humidity than others - the more "exotic" the higher the humidity as a rule of thumb (but not gospel). I would go for the higher humidity types if it were me, as Passiflora indoors can be prone to spider mite (spider mite hates humidity).

12 Jul, 2011

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