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jacaranda mimosa dropping leaves and fungus on the trunk

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I have a small jacaranda mimosa, which I love, that was damaged by wind, so I have brought it into the conservatory. In spite of care and water, its leaves are dropping and it has a fungus on the trunk. I live in southern England. Does anyone have a solution?

On plant Jacaranda mimosifolia



I have a jacaranda too - only about 50 cm tall- that lives outside in a pot in summer. It loses all lost all its leaves last winter, but recovered - and has lost them again this year (2008/9). I live in Leicester and am sure it would not survive in any frost, so I bring it into a frost-free greenhouse. The fungus sounds like bad news, but is probably curable with a suitable fungicidal spray. Have you a photo of it?

15 Jan, 2009

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