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Hallo Everyone - this is my very first post, so I hope there is a kindly friend out there who can help me.

I visited one of our lovely Cornish Gardens yesterday and spotted a 'double' Hardy Geranium of such intense blue/mauve and with so many lush (but not large)blooms it took my breath away. The garden owner said it was Geranium Flore Pleno. I've looked around for it and though I've seen a few pics closely resembling it can't find an exact match. However, a close relative would still be a wonderful plant. Has anyone got such a plant, and could they let me have a note of its name? I have a border which gets sun morning and evening, but not directly during the day. And being Cornwall it never quite dires out!!

Any tips would be welcome....Oh and thanks for having me.




Welcome to Goy. I think you will find us a friendly bunch. Even if we cannot help there is usually someone with words of encouragement. If you go to the A-Z at the foot of this page and click on G then on Geranium then on page 12 you will find a Geranium Pratense Flore Pleno photo by Spritzhenry. You can find nurseries which sell it by googling RHS Plant Finder.Put in the name and you will be able to find a nursery near you on an on line supplier of the plant you are looking for. On pages 3 and 5 Karensusan also has dark blue geraniums with extra petals.You will find lots of geraniums of all colours, shades and sizes on the pages of goypedia as the A -Z is called.

12 Jul, 2011


I got mine from Long Acre Plants at plantsforshade
I agree its a beauty.

12 Jul, 2011

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