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By Thomson

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My coliflowers hearts are turning purple,what do Ido about it. Bob Thomson



Are you leaving them in strong sunshine uncovered?

12 Jul, 2011


Thanks. They have bee n in the recent sun light,does this make a difference?

12 Jul, 2011


Yes it can spoil head development - fold the leaves over the heads, but I dont think this would discolour them? Downy mildew sends the heads brown not purple. A photo would help?

12 Jul, 2011


there is a type of cauliflower available that has a purple heart. I bought one in Morrison's not so long ago. Although it tasted fine, the colour was quite off-putting. Just check the details of your seed packet to ensure that this isn't what you are growing before you do anything drastic.

12 Jul, 2011

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