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i look after several gardens for customers that bought houses from us when we had the real estate business here on Zakynthos in Greece ! in one garden ( very clay soil ) i have been asked to plant morning glory to cover some messy fencing, will it self seed every where, will it come up each year, will i be able to cut it back weekly to keep it tidy ? will it need lots of water as it will be in pots !
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Yes it will self seed everywhere (if the seeds are allowed to develop, yes it will need lots of water in pots, probably won't perform so well in pots though. Give it something to grow up that is clearly defined and it shouldn't need too much cutting though, as it's a twining climber and the fence will offer no support.

11 Jul, 2011


As for if it will come up each year: yes, if the winter temps stay above -3ยบ C.

11 Jul, 2011

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