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By Sunday

west mids, United Kingdom Gb

Hi Everyone.

I have been looking on the net for a few days for ideas, and stumbled across this site.
There are some really stunning gardens on this site.

I have been trying to garden, over the past 2 yrs, but not very well. My gardeners have all come and gone, and I have decided if i don't work in my garden, NO ONE else will.

I grow some fruit and veg with success, but it is just the flowers etc I cannot get a handle of.

Thanking you all in advance.

I need help designing my garden pls.

I would like to include a doggie toilet area also.

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

I love established gardens, I want mine to be breathtaking, I want large, shrubs, and plants, very colourful, but just don't where to start.

I have taken pictures of my garden, and explained what tree/plant is there, also what position in relatin to sun.

I really want to start asap, so I begging for help!!!



I've left some comments on your photo page.

14 Jan, 2009


Try Cornus alba elegantissima or Cornus 'Midwinter Fire' for winter interest. Underplant everywhere with bulbs for Spring.

14 Jan, 2009


Hi - welcome to GOY! Have a browse through some gardens, that might help you to get some ideas. Try clicking on the 'ideas' link at the very bottom of this page - then click on whichever 'ideas' you think will be useful. There are a lot!

14 Jan, 2009


Hi Volunteer - there are over 500 plants listed on my home page. Most of them have photos with a brief description of the plant. If you have several hours to spare, you might like to start there

14 Jan, 2009

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