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By Jacque

Norfolk UK, United Kingdom Gb

Can any 1 tell me if a Viola is same as Violet?Looking for some Wild Violets 2 grow under my trees but not sure what im looking 4? PLEASE HELP!



A Violet is the common name for Viola which is the latin first name for a group of plants like Vila odorata, Viola corsica, Vila x hybridus (Pansies) and so on.
The native British wild violet is Viola canina (There are others too).
Personally I would not plant this anywhere within 2 miles of my garden. We have it and it is one of the worst seed weeds going. It gets everywhere and chokes everything it gorws near, even the lawn grass.
If you want Violets better going for Sweet violet , Viola odorata, just as easy, but far less of a problem. Prices are about £2.50 a plant.

17 Mar, 2008


Hi Jac, i have some of the little white ones, i am not sure if they are the wild ones or not, but they are very pretty and i have'nt had a problem with them suffocating other plants - but they are a good ground cover and do surpress weeds - so maybe i have V.odorata? can't be sure on that as i found them under some weeds last year, and i split the clump and spread them about a bit they have taken lovely - i have a pic of them on my photo page, quite a recent one, - i can send you some in the post if you like? - just send my your address on a private message and i'll dig ya a small clump up - it won't take long to spread.

17 Mar, 2008

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