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By Ricky

antrim, United Kingdom Gb

tomatoes whats gone wrong this year,ive been growing tomatoes for over 30 years but this year so far is a disaster plenty of flowers and thats it they are producing one or two small toms but thats it ,ive 200 plants in the ground and 26 hanging baskets full of lovely yellow flowers but few toms,now my theory is lack of bees to pollinate the flowers i have seen very few this year ,my friends from all over n. ireland are saying the same so any of you guys or gals on the mainland any ideas , now all my plants are in a polytunnel and there are 10 different breeds .thanks



same with me ,is it a shortage of bees ??

11 Jul, 2011


Tap the vines to encourage pollen distribution. The poor summer is causing problems with pollenating lots of veggies.

11 Jul, 2011


Temperature problems can also contribute to lack of pollination. If too cold (< 18º C) the pollen won't take hold once it reaches the female part. If too hot (> 33º C) the pollen dies on the male part. If giving the flowers a brisk tap early in the morning doesn't help with the fuit set, it may be necessary to use a "tomato set" spray to get fruit.

11 Jul, 2011

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